Department of Sociology

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                   With a view to understand the changing social situations by the emerging aspirations of the young minds, the necessity was felt by  Namrup college to introduce Sociology as a curricular subject. The department of Sociology, of Namrup College aims to foster the spirit of learning and acquiring knowledge relating to all round development of the society. Established in 1973, the department extended to a fully fledged department in the year 2000 by introducing major course.  

                The primary aim of the department is to help the society in developing a sense of social awareness regarding social integration, tradition & culture and social values etc through acquiring knowledge and understanding of different social issues and social problems. The department focuses on encouraging the students to explore various methods of understanding the society by defining, exploring and explaining major social issues in their surrounding social atmosphere.

             The Department is dedicated towards creating competent and socially sensitive graduates through teaching programmes and extension activities. It prepares its students for a lifetime of change by developing appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills, and knowledge base about human behaviour.

              The Departmental activities includes digital classes through power point presentation, classroom seminars, Group Discussion, Internal assessment,  remedial and counselling classes, Departmental library, Study Tour, preparation of Departmental Wall magazine etc.


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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Profile
Mr Rupak Kr. Borgohain Assistant Professor (HOD) M.A., M. Phil 2010-09-06 View Profile
Ms Mandira Buragohain Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed, M. Phil 2012-01-09 View Profile
Ms Needli Konwar Lecturer M.A. 2022-10-06 View Profile
Ms Niharekha Barman Lecturer M.A. 2022-10-06 View Profile