Yoga and meditation

             The overall mental, physical and spiritual unison as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness is termed as Yoga. Such a union tends to neutralize ego-driven thoughts and behaviors, creating a sense of spiritual awakening in an individual. Since its inception, Yoga has been modified into several forms but its ulterior motive tends to remain same that is focusing on bringing together body, mind and breath as a means of altering energy or shifting consciousness. A great sense of self discipline and self awareness is instilled in the minds of those individuals who practice yoga and meditation in a regular basis.

             Keeping this importance of yoga and meditation in view, Namrup College established a Centre for Yoga and Meditation in 2018. The centre was founded by Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi, the then Associate Professor, Department of Physics and the present Principal of Namrup College. Training sessions were conducted in trimester basis from 2018 to till date. In 2022, a 3- month certificate course was also introduced.  Every year along with the training sessions, International Yoga Day was also observed by the college to aware the community about the benefits of Yoga.

               Excersie of yoga and meditation in different times of the year