Principal's Messages

Mr. Bimal Chandra Gogoi

From the desk of the Principal i/c, Namrup College

A higher educational institution plays a vital role in different fields of studies. Its role is limitless in extent in shaping the present generation as well as the society we live in. Its vitality is as like vitamin as for the health. Hence, educated youth’s are wealth not only for a family but for a nation also. A higher educational institution opens up new ways and ideas that helps a student to explore new things. Higher level of knowledge and wisdom achieved in such institution provide the students right kind of leadership in all walks of their lives. It offers an strong healthy environment to the students to develop their self-confidence which is a must for personality development. Every student has some dreams and aspirations and he seeks to fulfill these things during his life. A student having a good personality becomes successful during the later part of his life. This is the only institution in Namrup that can provide the students a favourable ground for such acquirement.

We, the members of Namrup College family, both teaching and non-teaching, give utmost priority to the fullest-growth of aforesaid qualities. Education, which is a training of mind and soul, is given much importance in Namrup College. It always tries to identify the inner talents of the students and help them to develop these things to the fullest level. Teaching fraternity devote themselves to the cultivation of students for acquiring physical fitness, positive attitudes of life, moral and intellectual values. We leave no stone unturned to make student a better person. We try to give every kind of knowledge and ideas that can widen his views in the related areas. Enhancement of thinking skill of students gets also top most priority in our academic programmes.

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