Assessment and transparency

There is no compromise in maintaining transparency policies of the college. Internal assessment is one of the self-evaluation process through which college is practising regaularly. As per the affiliated university guidlines, college is condcuted two sessional examination, class seminar, group discussion, home assignment etc. After completing the aessement secured marks are displayed on departmental notice board and same is sending to the university. Student can inquire about their doubt in marking process and concerned teacher is responsible to give its reply. In end semester examination also, students can appeal to the affiated university regarding dissatisfaction of their grade/percenatge and receive its response within stipulated time. Evaluated scripts of the mid-term/sessional examination are shown to the students. To get enrol in honours courses, students are required to attend screening test and short listed students are notified in the website and notice board. Review of answer scripts are done as per university norms. RTI provision is also available.