IQAC Committee

As per the latest guideline of NAAC,  IQAC central committee  is constituted with the following members- 

  1. Chairperson: Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi, Principal, Namrup College                                                                       IQAC Committee 2023              
  2. Advisory member: Dr. Padma Acharyee, Academic-in Charge & Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany, Namrup College
  3. Coordinator, Mr. Rupak Kr. Borgohain, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Sociology, Namrup Colleg         IQAC Committee 2022
  4. Assistant Coordinator,                                                                                                                                            IQAC Committee 2020   
  5.   1. Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Botany, Namrup College                                        IQAC Committee  2019  
  6.    2. Dr. Nandita Das, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Namrup College                                        IQAC Committee 2012        
  7. Member, Dr. Chabi Gogoi, Associate Professor, Dept. of Assamese, Namrup College                          
  8. Member, Ms. Ashifa Sobhan, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, Namrup College                           
  9. Member, Dr. Mahinder Singh, Associate Professor & HOD, dept. of mathematics, Namrup College
  10. Member, Ms. Indira Baruah, Asistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, Namrup College
  11. Member, Ms. Dipti Dutta Saikia, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, Namrup College
  12. Member, Ms. Asima Gogoi, Assistant professor, Dept. of English, Namrup College
  13. Member, Mr. Bitupan Gogoi, Jt. Assistant, Namrup College
  14. Member, Mr. Pankaj Kr. Gogoi, Sr. Manager. BVFCL, Namrup
  15. Member, Mr. Diganta Gogoi, Gurdian Member, Goverbning Body, Namrup College
  16. Member, Mr. John Bhengra, Alumni
  17. Member, General Secretary, NCSU

         Apart from the above list, IQAC has formed 7 sub-committees to decentralize the works and responsibilities of IQAC works in different fields. The members of different committees are listed below-

Committee  on Criterion –I ( Curricular Aspects)

Chairperson      : Ms. Dorodi Borah Saikia

Convenor        : Ms. Indira Baruah

Member            : Ms. Dipti Dutta Saikia

                          : Dr. Nandita Das

Committeeon Criterion –II (Teaching , Learning & Evaluation)

Chairperson      : Dr. Chabi Gogoi

Convenor        : Dr. Ashim Jyoti Baruah

Member            : Ms. Daisy Rani Doley

                         : Mr. Bitupan Gogoi

Committee  on Criterion –III (Research, Innovation & Extension)

Chairperson      : Ms. Ashifa Sobhan

Convenor        : Dr. Jayanta Sonowal

Member            : Mr. Sajidur Rahman

                        : Mr. Mandira Buragohain

Committee  on Criterion –IV (Infrastructure & Learning Resource)

Chairperson     : Mr. Hizam Homendra Singh

Convenor        : Dr. Padma Acharyee

Member           : Ms. Mousumi Konwar

                        : Mr. Bitupan Gogoi

Committee  on Criterion –V (Students Supports & Progression)

Chairperson      : 

Jt. Convenor     : Dr. Mahinder Singh & Dr. pankaj Borah

Member            : Mr. Sajidur Rahman

                          : Krishna Kalita

Committee  on Criterion –VI (Governance, Leadership & Management)

Chairperson                : Mr. Kalyan Gogoi

Joint- Convenor          : Ms. Asima Gogoi  

                                    : Dr. Nandita Das

Member                      : Ms. Rijumoni Das

                                    : Mr. Amit Lodh

Committee  on Criterion –VII (Institutional Value & Best Practices)

Chairperson      : Mr. Rupak Kr. Borgohain

Joint Convenor  : Ms.  Binita Borah

                           : Ms.  Pranita Rajkhowa

Member              : Ms. Rijumoni Das

                            : Dr. Urmika Phangsopi