Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.1: Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity and Institutional initiatives

Namrup College tries to provide facilities to the girl’s students and teachers in the college campus in the following areas for the promotion of gender equity-

1. Safety and Security-

a. College provides the facility of CCTV converse in the college campus.

b. College provides Identity card to all students and facalities for safety purposes.

c. College has committees like Women studies and development cell, Anti-Sexual Harassment cell.

 d. College organizes self-defence workshop for empowering its female students.

2. Counselling –

WSDC conducts counseling programme , talk related to health and hygiene, women empowerment by inviting doctors, experts in their respective areas. Students interact with these resource people. This cell organizes an exhibition cum sale to encourage self employment. WSDC is also ready and available to council not only their students but also marginalized section of the society i.e women in the neighboring area.

3. Common room- Common room is available for girls’ students in the campus. This room is well-ventilated. The students utilize this room for having lunch and also for common discussion. They may rest, relax and refresh there. The purpose of common room facility for girls is to create a stress –free environment. Facilities of washroom with sanitary napkin vending and incinerate machine have been provided to the girls students of their common room.

Namrup College always tries to celebrate /organizes national festivals and birth/death anniversaries of great Indian personalities to promote holistic development of the students. The celebration of these national and international commemorative days, events and birth/death anniversaries enhances moral values in the students and helps in spreading and maintaining communal harmony. The different departments of the college, NSS Unit, IQAC, Women Studies and Development Cell (WSDC) of the college have celebrated Independence Day, Republic Day, Constitutional Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Death anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar etc with their members and students. 

7.1.4: Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment

Namrup College takes initiatives in providing an inclusive environment in the campus as well as the communities with different committees, bodies of the institution such as NSS, SCDC, Student union, WSDC etc. Major initiatives/efforts for providing an inclusive environment -

Namrup College tries to sensitize their students and employees to the constitutional obligations. Institution makes its best effort to inculcate all that is being mentioned in the preamble of the constitution of India. Every year our college organizes students’ union election and forms a student’s union. The members of which participate in many decision-making processes of the institution. Apart from that, many departments form student club and takes many decisions after coming to a consonance with their respective students. In morning assembly, all students sing the National Anthem and State Song together and take oath of the duties to be fulfilled as a good and responsible citizen. The university, at the beginning of the year provides a holiday list divided in general holiday and restricted holiday lists. These lists are made considering all the caste and religion where the employees have the right to choose the holiday they needed from the restricted holiday list. These holiday lists are also followed in our college and as it have employees of different religion and cultural background. Thus, the institution gives liberty to the employees to choose from the holiday lists as required.

In Namrup College, students from different religion, caste and cultural background comes together and therefore posses’ different dress, economic condition, mother tongue, beliefs etc where a vast difference comes in between. As our institution believes in equity and respect all the religions and provide equal opportunity. Therefore, to remove such differences and bring equality in every aspect, the institution takes necessary steps so as to set an example like having one uniform for all the students, gives scholarship on the basis of caste and merit, hostel facility, follow the reservation system etc. Even in group discussion, the teachers groups the students accordingly including different religion, status and caste in one and are asked to complete the task in a group where they could communicate and understand each other despite their different backgrounds.

In order to promote awareness and equal rights of communal harmony, Namrup College organizes events like Independence Day, republic day, constitution day, Gandhi jayanti and workshops on equal rights among students and employees to stand united. The college curriculum also plays a vital role to promote moral values, rights, duties and responsibilities among students. Different co-curricular activities were organized among the students like the college week where all the students irrespective of caste, religion, social status etc, participate in different events together.

Namrup College does not support or encourage any violation of the rules or any kind of discrimination shown in the college premises. The institution would take strict action against those who violate the rules and practice discrimination in any field.

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