Infrastructure and Learning resources

4.1.1: Availability of adequate infrastructure and physical facilities


Namrup College fulfils all the requisites for teaching-learning viz. classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment etc. Over the last five years, the college has made significant infrastructural improvements. The College has constantly endeavoured to provide quality education and ensure all round development of the students in order to create aware and responsible citizens. The Institution has a well maintained, user friendly and resilient infrastructure conducive to teaching, learning and comprehensive development of the students. The College has 18 classrooms, one seminar hall with more than 100 seat capacity, and one air-conditioned conference room with 60 seat capacity.

Namrup College has a suitable ambience for academics, sports and cultural development of the students. Over the last five years, the institution has been able to provide all the requisites in the field of sports, cultural activities etc. Different cultural programmes and sports activities are organized regularly in the college. However, due to the pandemic these activities and programmes came to a temporary halt as a precautionary measure, but various programmes were conducted in online mode during pandemic. The college has a playground within its premises. Different outdoor games such as cricket, football, racing etc. are conducted in the playground.

The college also possess a well-equipped indoor stadium where there is provision for various indoor games like badminton, carom, table tennis etc. The indoor stadium also has multi gym facilities. The indoor stadium is also used for Taekwondo practice in the evening. A separate external trainer has been employed to provide training not only to the college students, but also for children and youths of the vicinity. The college also has a gymnasium with required equipment for the benefit of the students.

The departments of Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science had well equipped separate laboratories for the practical classes of the students. These laboratories are enabled with required instruments, infrastructure and specimens. The College has also an institutional level biotech hub sponsored by the department of Biotechnology. The Biotech hub has well-equipped classrooms with LCD projector and other amenities necessary for laboratory activities. College has a well-established system and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities.

The College has a vermicompost plant and mushroom cultivation room which are maintained by the Biotech Hub. The college also has a botanical garden. Fire extinguishers are installed in the college premises for safety purposes and keeping in view with safety norms. The college library has an advisory committee for proper functioning of the library.

 A laboratory for Computer Studies is available with a capacity of around 22 students. It has internet connectivity. The institution has an auditorium which can accommodate more than 250 people. Various functions, popular talks and other cultural and literary activities are conducted here. The college also possesses two hostels for both boys and girls. The Women’s hostel has an intake capacity of 36 and the boy’s hostel has an accommodation capacity of 18 seats.