Research, Innovations and Extension

Research, Innovations and Extension

             Namrup College is one of the premier higher educational institutues in the remote east part of Dibrugarh district of Assam. This institute is siated in a rural areas where no other institutes here having both science and arts stream. Apart from teaching, this institute has created environment for basic reserach and training. Several faculty members were published research papers in reputed journals. Namrup College has received grants from government agencies mainly from UGC (University Grant Commission) for research projects (minor and major research project) and endowment in different times. The Department of Botany, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology, Department of English and Department of Political Science received grants to carried out research. Namrup College condcuts various extension activities in campus and its neighbouring schools and villages. In this cocerned, college organises seminar, workshop, hands on training etc. in different aspects to dessiminate knowledge, information andskills among the students and neighbouring communities. The college has active National Service Scheme (NSS) unit. In addition to these, Health and Sanitation Club, Women Study and Development Cell, Green Life Society, Institutional Biotech Hub, Socio- cultural Development Cell (SCDC), Namrup College Teachers’ Unit (NCTU), Transport Management Committee, Career Guidance and Counseling Cell (CGCC), Women Study and Development Cell (WSDC), Students’ Union- all these bodies and societies contribute significantly to the community development. Namrup College organized cleanliness drives, tree plantation drives, awareness programme, special camps etc. in the neighbouring areas and adopted villages. College observed different days of local, national and international importance like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, National Science Day, International Women’s Day, Girl Child Day, AIDS Day, World Environment Day, Wildlife week, Cancer day, etc. to sensitize students and local community on different social issues. College has organized seminars, webinars, popular talks, workshops on the themes related to environment, biodiversity conservation, Entrepreneurship Development, gender equality, computer literacy etc. College has organized different programmes related to Plastic Pollution and various add on courses on Mushroom Cultivation, Vermicompost Production etc.

                        Namrup College has 05 functional MoU with national and regional institutions, universities etc. and it has organized 20 activities as part of those MoU. conduction of one short term programme, exchange scientific data, seminars/workshops, Faculty development programme, etc. were organized as part of these collaborations.

3.1 Resource Mobilization for Research

          Research project and other research and development works carried out by the institution

Name of the faculty Department Title of the project Funding agency Scheme Year of award Duration in years Sanction amount (in Lakhs) Year of completion
Dr. Jitu Buragohain Principal Native.....plants UGC Major Research Project 2010 3 3.94 2013
Mrs. Firoza Khatun Botany Traditional Medicinal plants of upper Assam UGC Minor Research Project 2013 2 1.2 2015
Dr. Padma Acharya Chemistry A new strategy......Nitro Compounds UGC Minor Research Project 2013 1.00 2015
Dr. Jitu Buragohain Botany Establishment of Institutional Level Biotech Hub DBT DBT special prog. for NER 2013 3 26.50 2019
Mr. Rupak Kr. Borgohain Sociology Role of Mass Namrup, Assam UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 2.6 2017
Mr. Kalyan Gogoi Political Science The role of......Assam UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 1.4 2017
Dr. Mahinder Singh Mathematics A Study of ....inhomogeneous Plasma UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 2.5 2017
Mrs. Utpala Barman Baruah Physics Comparative study...frequency UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 3.8 2017
Mrs. Indira Baruah Economics Poverty Eradication...Upper Assam UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 1.4 2017
Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi Physics Development of ZnO...Cosmetics UGC Minor Research Project 2015 2 3.95 2017
Dr. Jitu Buragohain Principal Establishment of Institutional Level Biotech Hub DBT DBT special prog. for NER 2015 1 4.07 (2nd Inst.) 2016
Dr. Jitu Buragohain Principal Establishment of Institutional Level Biotech Hub DBT DBT special prog. for NER 2016 1 4.93 (3rd inst.) 2017
Mr. Jayanta Sonowal Botany Establishment of Institutional Level Biotech Hub DBT DBT special prog. for NER 2018 1 5.24 (4th inst.) 2018

Dr. Jayanta Sonowal (PI)

Mr. Sajidur Rahman (Co-PI)



DBT-NER Institutional Biotech Hub DBT DBT special prog. for NER 2023 3 30.27 Ongoing

3.2 Innovation Ecosystem

3.2.1 Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations and has initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge

          The main objective Namrup College is to disseminate knowledge, skill and training for the students and neighbouring communities through education and research. Namrup College is situated near a biodiversitically rich region, therefore have ample scope of reserach in biological science and its allied field. College has always encouraged to faculty members to carry out research work with its limited facilities. Several major and minor research projects are already completed by several faculty members. From 2021, college has initiated "IQAC Students Project Grants" for the students of the institute. Under this programme, financial package of Rs. 25000/- for maximum of five merit project proposal with am amount of Rs. 5000/ for each. In 2013, the college got a grant for an Institutional Level Biotech Hub from the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India in order to increase awareness on science education, research and practical knowledge and to disseminate basic research. The college has implement this project by conducting workshops, hands-on-training, facilities for basic research etc. In the last five years Institutional Biotech Hub received grant of Rs. 5.24 lakh from DBT, Govt. of India to conduct its regular activities. Besides these, department wise basic research environment has been created through different grants received from UGC, DBT. RUSA etc. Now the college has developed the basic infrastructure facilities for research, training, innovations and transfer of knowledge. 

3.2.2 Workshops/seminars/conferences including on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship conducted by the institutuion

          Namrup College organises seminars, workshops, hands-on-traning, webinar in different issues. Some of such activites were sponsored by external agency like UGC, DBT, etc and some are self-finaced.

Name of the seminar/workshop Funding agency Sanctined Amount (In Lakh) Date and Year
National Seminar on "Higher Educational Institutions of Rural and Backward Areas of Assam: Challenges and Remedies NAAC   11th & 12th June 2013
Human Rights: Ethics & Values in Northeast India UGC   26th & 27th March 2015
Currents Trends of Biological Research: Challenges and Prospects UGC 1.2 29th & 30th June 2016
Workshop on "Dr B.R.Ambedkar’s Ideas of Annihilation of Caste and Abolition of Untouchability" UGC   26th March 2018
Workshop on "Mushroom Cultivation, Quality Production and Commercialzation" DBT  Part of Biotech Hub Activity 27th to 29th November 2018
Applications of Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry for the upliftment of Rural Economy DBT Part of Biotech Hub Activity 8th January 2019
National Webinar on "Intellectual Property Rights" Self 0.015 20th August 2020
Scientific Approach of Goat Farming and its Allied Topics: A way of Entreprenuership Development Self Free of cost 3rd August 2021

3.3. Research publication

             As an outcomes of these, college faculty mebers publihes reserach papers, book chapters, edited books etc. Some of research publications of Namrup College faculties are--

1. Stratified Visco-elastic Fluid Flow Past a Flat Surface with Energy Dissipation: An Analytical Approach

2. Analysis of water quality status in Bordoibam Bilmukh wetland ecosystem of Assam, India

3. Diffraction problem due to water wave loads on a cylinder over a coaxial bottom-mounted barrier in a channel

4. Asomiya Narir Dikdorshanat Ghor Jeuti Aalosonir  Bhumika: Ek Bilsekhanatmok Adhyayon 

5. Screening of Probiotic potentiality of Lactobacilli Strains, isolated from Fermented Bamboo Shoots of Assam.

6. Madhya Yogor Patabhumit Rochit Deolangkhui Upanyasyat Kuko Sangskriti Somol

7. Study of phytoplankton diversity in relation to physico-chemical characteristics of water in Bordoibam Bilmukh, an Important Bird Area Site of Assam, Northeast India

8. Plants used in the preparation of Starter culture of Rice-beer by the Ahom, Deori and Mishing tribes of Dhemaji District, Assam, India

9. Wave loads by an oscillating water column in presence of bottom-mounted obstacle in the channel of finite width

10. Scattering of water waves by a wave energy device consisting of a pair of co-axial cylinders in a uniform water having finite channel width

11. Surge Hydrodynamic Coefficients Due to a Floating Cylindrical Structure in Presence of a Bottom-Mounted Circular Plate in a Channel of Finite Depth