Grievance Redressal Cell

         Grievance Redressal Cell of Namrup College was established 27th August 2002. It is a forum where grievances of all the students of Namrup College are received and takes all steps to redress and solve their grievances. The students of Namrup College will be allowed to apply for the following grievances- 

a) Academic such as

       i) Regularity of classes,

      ii) Library facilities,

      iii) Internet facilities,  

      iv) Any other relevant issues.

b) Sports facilities

b) Canteen facilities

d) Medical and Health facilities

e) Any other issues related to teachers and employees of the college

         There is a grievance box fitted on the wall and easily approachable to students for submit their complaints. Grievance box is opened at the end of every month and complaint(s) are redressed accordingly. For disposable of complaint, institute has a Grievance  and Redressal committee and this committee is liable to timely disposal of complaint.