ICT facilities and application

          ICT has become an indispensable part of today’s education system. It helps teachers to make the teaching learning process more interesting and efficient for the students. The teachers of Namrup College regularly use ICT tools like computer and projectors in their classes and in their academic purpose. There are 55 numbers of desktops and 11 numbers of laptops available in various departments of the college and of these, 38 computers and several laptops are exclusively use for the delivery of academic contents. In total 10 numbers of projectors (including 2 overhead projectors) is there which are used by the teachers for the smart classes as well as by the students for their seminar presentation. Xerox machine, digital podium, microphone etc. are also there in the college to use for academic purpose.

          During the Covid-19 pandemic, when digital platform was the only available connection between the students and the teachers, ICT tools were enormously used by the teachers of our college. Online live classes were conducted through different apps like Zoon, Google Meet, Teachmint etc. Pre recorded videos prepared with the help of different screen recorder like Screencast-o-matic,  Apowersoft free screenrecoder, Free Cam, OBS studio etc. were widely used. Social media like WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook etc. platforms were used to share various learning resources to the students. Besides, online exams were conducted through platforms like Google classroom, Google Quiz etc.