Standard club

          Bureau of Indian Stndard (BIS) has taken the initiative of creating Standards Clubs in educational institutions comprising teachers and students as members. Through a variety of activities under these Clubs, young talents get learning opportunities in the field of quality and standardization. Teachers have an important role in the activities of the Clubs and would serve as beacons of light, guiding and motivating students to channelize their creativity and enhance their scientific temperament. Though in its nascent stage, the Standards Clubs have already garnered prominence and are being enthusiastically promoted by educational institutions to supplement and improve the schooling experience of students and provide opportunities to better their professional and personal growth. From 2022, Namrup College has taken co-initiative with BIS to dessimiante konwledge and awareness about qualitites of different products as per BIS specifications. 

           On 29th May 2023, first "Orinetation cum Standard Writing Competition" among the students Higher Secondary students. As per BIS roles three prizes and one consolation prize were awarded as following details....

1. First Prize   Rs. 1000/- (Rupee one thousand only),

2. Second Prize  Rs. 750/- (Rupee seven hundred fifty only),

3. Third Prize Rs. 500/- (Rupee five hundred only),

4. Consolaion Prize  Rs. 250/ (Rupee two hundred fifty only).