Department of Mathematics

         NEP 2020 Syllabus

          The Department of Mathematics, NAMRUP COLLEGE, Dibrugarh was established in 1973.The Department comprises of three highly qualified dynamic faculty members each of them being Ph.D. holders with specialization in recent and advanced fields of Fluid Mechanics, Graph Theory & Computer Science. Teaching and research are the prime areas of concentration of the Department to impart quality education. The faculties of the Department have to its credit, a good number of e-book chapters and research papers published in refereed international and national journals. The faculty members are actively involved in attending/organising Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Orientation Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes & Refresher Courses to increase efficiency and keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. To meet the latest requirements, the Department keeps on periodically updating and revising its teaching pedagogies and offers B. Sc. (H) Mathematics (3 year) course. The department has a small library where books can be borrowed by the students and there is seating provision for eight to ten students for study and consultation. A desktop computer together with printer and scanner is also provided there with high-speed internet for academic purposes. A lot of emphasis is given to 'hands-on' exposure to modern software such as Mathematica, MATLAB and LaTeX through practical. The department is constantly trying to create an awareness and zeal toward Mathematics and thus expecting more and more students in the coming years. Besides the academic activities, the faculty members and the students are engaged in various extension activities and activities in corporate life.

       The semester-based syllabi (CBCS) provide a comprehensive survey of areas like analysis, algebra, mathematical modelling using differential equations, mathematical programming and statistics.

Vision of the Department

         Mathematics occupies a very important role in the study of science and humanities too. So, the vision of the department is to create an awareness and zeal among the students and also among the general people towards Mathematics so that the illogical phobia for Mathematics can be eradicated and students start to pursue and enjoy Mathematics.

         To centre stage the knowledge of mathematics, its analytical and logical thinking among students, to promote it as an important area.

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Profile
Dr Mahinder Singh Associate Professor (HOD) M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D 1994-10-06 View Profile
Dr Ashim Jyoti Baruah Assistant Professor M. Sc., B. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D. 2010-11-18 View Profile
Ms Khusboo Agarwal Assistant Professor Masters in Mathematics; SLET-NE 2023-12-08 View Profile