Ambedkar Study Centre

             Ambedkar study centre,Namrup College has been established in the month of October 2014 with the thinking and works of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and to involve them in studies ,research and field work based on extension service programmes of construction work. We are grateful to the UGC of India for providing financial assistance to the college for the establishment of this study centre and to run the activities smoothly for the greater interest of the people of this region. The principal of the college mainly took the initiative for the establishment of this study centre.

            Dr .B.R.Ambedkar was famous as a man of great economist, constitutionalist, social reformist, a political thinker, a champion of downtrodden and above all a great humanist. He challenged the leadership of his time by exposing follies of their proposition of freeing India without freeing millions of untouchables, tribals and socially and educationally backward classes living in sub-human conditions under the Socio-Economic Raj of the Hindus. As the Chief Architect of free India’s New Constitution, he abolished all forms of discriminations and inequalities based on caste, gender, race or status.

            In the North-Eastern region of India various tribes are lived with their own culture and problems. As a higher educational institution, we have a moral duty to keep our youth united and inspired them to sacrifice for the nation. On behalf of the Ambedkar Study Centre, Namrup College, we have made our vision to spread the principles and visions of Ambedkar to all the people of this region so that they think about Ambedkar’s sacrifice for the deprived section of the society and also apply in their individual and social life.

            The experts of the various department of the Namrup College and Dibrugarh University and other institution and individual have also extended their helping hands in running various activities of the smoothly. The family members of the Namrup College are grateful to all of them.

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