Strategic plan

The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively deployed-

The Namrup College is affiliated to Dibrugarh University and for this all steps regarding curriculum development is taken by the University itself. But for adoption of certain skill based courses, various steps of curriculum development has been taken by the institution from time to time.

Some of the strategic plan of the institution is:

  • Establishment of better teaching and learning environment
  • Offering career advancement certificate courses like mushroom cultivation, vermicompost, etc.
  • Introducing skill development course for employment
  • Introducing certificate course in computer
  • Awareness programmes on various relevant issues


  • Extension activities are carried out through NSS unit of the college on various important issues of the society like awareness generation like World’s Aids Day in collaboration with Department of Zoology, Constitution Day in collaboration with IQAC and Ambedkar Study Centre, Environment Day in collaboration with Green Life Society, plastic management, health and hygiene, awareness on wildlife conservation, yoga, etc.
  • WSDC of the institution celebrates International Women’s Day every year with a motive of creating awareness among women particularly rural women of the surrounding areas on various important issues related to women like health and hygiene, women empowerment and so on and for same rural and economically backward women of the surrounding areas are invited and a resource person is invited to deliver an impactful speech for the women.
  • Time to time Career Guidance and Counseling Cell and IQAC takes many student-oriented programmes like career counseling programme, online semester examination programme, awareness programmes on various day to day issues and information up gradation etc.

A certificate course on Cutting and Tailoring

  • February, 2021` in order to bring economic independence and empowerment to the economically and socially backward women of the surrounding areas. The course started under the Curricular Aspects Committee on 10th February with a total of 33 participants from various neighbouring areas with poor economic background. The course continued from February-March, after that due to Covid-19 situation being got worse, the classes were stopped, and again after the situation was normalized, the last month of the course started in the month of October, 2021 and by 31st October, 2021, the course came to an end and it gained complete success as expected. Then a student-centric computer course namely Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojona (PMKVY) is started in October 2021 to enable the local and college students through professional computer skills.
  • Under Women Studies and Development Cell, Namrup College, on the International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2021 an awareness programme on different issues of health was organized and for the same as a resource person Dr. C.K Thoumoung who spoke on various important issues related to women health and health problems. Then Dr. Nandita Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Namrup College also delivered a short speech on women empowerment in relation to the International Women’s Day theme, 2021.
  • For effective teaching and learning Audio-visual system is used in classroom teaching. Talks by special invitees are also arranged by various departments on certain relevant topics. The teachers try to impart customized teaching to each student and make them available for easy reach of the students for their convenience. Then students’ progress is regularly monitored by the teachers through unit test, sessional test, seminars/group discussion and home assignments. Extra-curricular programmes like Quiz, debate and cultural competitions are held to improve the overall knowledge of the students and bring all-round development.
  • Unit test and sessional examinations are held as per AHSEC and University directives and final examinations are also held according to University Schedule and most of the teachers take part in the evaluation process of the final examinations. The College also conducts internal assessment of students according to University guidelines only. Apart from semester end and sessional examinations conducted by the parent university, additional class test, surprise tests, seminars, etc. for constant evaluation of the students.
  • Then regular feedback is taken from students every year on the institution, teacher and also teachers’ feedback is taken on the institution to bring more and more institutional development and to develop a best place for learning. Regular feedback is also taken from the guardians/ parents on the institution and department.
  • In the college all the teachers are encouraged by the authority to initiate research and almost all the teachers remain actively involved in various research works and publish research papers/articles from time to time in books, attends seminars, workshops, participates in various Short-term projects, publish articles in national and international journals. Four teachers are engaged in research work for PhD and one teacher was awarded Doctorate degree in 2020 which makes the total number of faculties having PhD in the college to nine (09) and the number will increase in the coming years.
  • The college has quite a good collection of text books, reference books and journals covering wide range of subjects in the College Library. Besides, magazines and newspapers are subscribed regularly. In the reading room attached to the library, reference books, journals, magazines and newspapers can be consulted. Moreover, every department of the college has a well equipped departmental library where many useful reference books are available for consultation. For the purpose of borrowing books from the college library, every student is issued library card and to borrow books from departmental library a book issue register is maintained by the concerned department. Then digital library is also there in the library with the motive to enhance benefiting both students and teachers. Text books and reference books are regularly procured. There is digital library facility and internet access in the library for the benefit of both students and teachers.
  • ICT: The college conference hall, Biotech Hub and seminar room has all the required gadgets for ICT presentations. In the office room internet access is available for the purpose of administrative work on the part of the office staff and also to benefit the students and teachers whenever required.
  • Students being considered the prime resource of the college, the college always strives to develop this resource through a wide variety of activities like NSS, Socio-Cultural activities, and the teachers enrich themselves through Refresher Course, Seminar participation and presentation of papers, workshops, Faculty Development Programmes, etc.
  • Time to time notifications is given to the teaching and non-teaching staff from the authority for execution of regular and punctual duties. Then meetings from time to time are held between authority and the teaching staff to discuss on various matters of importance related to the institution. Various other measures are also taken up like formation of committees and societies to perform different tasks. For creating enthusiasm among the students and freshen up the body and mind of both students and teachers for the whole day, every day at 9.00 AM to 9.15 AM. Morning Assembly is held in the open stage of the college and in each week for three consecutive days one department conducts the assembly. Then every Saturday’s co-curricular activities for students are conducted by IQAC along with concerned teacher appointed for different activities like yoga, arts and crafts, literature, sports, etc.
  • Faculty members of Chemistry department have collaborated with APL, Namrup for training of the students of Chemistry department of the college
  • Proper and time to time notification on admission is notified in the notice board of the college and also published in newspapers and also in the college website. All the information regarding admission is provided in the college prospectus and in the college website.
  • Infrastructure: Regular maintenance and construction of certain physical facilities is carried out according to the needs. This year computer laboratory and playground as per plan is going on during this session also.