Vice Pricipal

Ms. Utpala Baruah

Our Mission

              Educational institutions are the only organization, activities of which has impacts on the shape and nature of future society. It is the Blacksmith’s forge, where fabricates the various skills and qualities out of crude learners. Good skills and fine qualities of objects attract the customers in the competitive market. Likewise, good results and qualities of outgoing students attract more aspirants to the institution and it is reciprocal to the all-round upliftment of the institution. So, a definite vision is essential to schedule the plan and program of action. In this connection, cooperation from all sections of the society is inevitable to confirm the goal.
Namrup College is hard stepping on the rough gravel road of growth to fulfil visions from its inception. We are hard working to fabricate our students with good skills and qualities as far as possible. Extend your helping hands, we will offer our everything best. Our teachers are eagerly waiting for transfer of their knowledges to create the knowledgeable new generations.