Rules & Regulations:

Rules & Regulations for Maintenance of Discipline
Students admitted to this college must abide by the Rules and Regulations as prescribed by the college authority. Violation of rules, irregular attendance, discourtesy to the teachers and staff members, use of physical force, use of filthy obscene language, and willful damage of institutional property will incur strict disciplinary action.
As regards attendance in class, a student shall be eligible to appear in the university semester examination as a regular candidate provided he/she has at least 75% attendance in the individual subjects. For irregular students, specific university regulations will be applied.
Ragging is strictly prohibited by law. Any student found guilty of practicing ragging will be liable to severe disciplinary actions in the form of suspension, or even expulsion from the college.
Students will be required to wear proper uniform/dress.

In summer:
For Boys: White Shirt and Black pant, black shoes and shocks
For Girls:   White Salwar Kurta with Red (Boby print) dupatta, black shoes/sandals
In winter:
For Boys: Same as above with Navy Blue sweater (for H.S.students) and Maroon sweater (for semester students)
For Girls: Same as above with Navy Blue sweater (for H.S.students) and Maroon sweater (for semester students)
    Badge: Navy Blue (Semester students) and Maroon (H.S. students)
No student will be allowed to attend classes without uniform
5. Students are required to carry the Identity Card at all times. In case of loss of identity card, a duplicate Card will be issued to the student when he/she applies for it and on payment of a fine. 
6. Student must observe strict silence in between class hours.
7. Smoking within the institute premises is strictly prohibited. 
8. Students must take prior written permission from the Principal for absence in the class for more than two days.
9. The college gate will be under lock and key in between 10-00 A.M. and 2-00 P.M. Students are directed to come to the college before 10-00 A.M. and they are not allowed leave the college before 2-00 P.M.
10. Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones inside classrooms, labs, library, office etc.
11. Students must get the consent of the Principal before they plan to go for sightseeing/ study tour.
12. Pan Masala, Ghutkha, tobacco etc are strictly prohibited in the college campus. The college tries its best to make it a tobacco free zone.  


1) Cancellation of admission.

2) Suspension from attending classes.

3) Withholding / withdrawing scholarship and other benefits.

4) Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other evaluation process.

5) Withholding results.

6) Debarring from representing the institution in any national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc.

7) Suspension / expulsion from the hostel.

8) Restriction from the institution for periods varying from 1 to 4 semester or equivalent period.

9) Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.

10) Fine up to Rs. 25,000/-


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