Subject offered  /  Higher Secondary

Arts Stream:
Compulsory  Subjects: Engl ish, MI L (Assamese, Hind i, Alternative Engl ish)
Elective Subjects: Economics, Ed ucation, Advance Assamese, H istory, Mathematics, Political Science, Sociology,
Introductory Computer Science.

Stream :
lsory Subjects: English, M I L (Assamese, Hind i, Ahernadve English)
Elective Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Introd uctory Computer Science.
Computer Science (ICS) is open to all Arts and Science Stream.

Degree Course (Arts Stream)
lsory Subjects :These subjects are the compu sory subjects for alll students of the Semester course.
(i) English
(ii) Modern Indian Language(M IL)course indude(anyone)Assamese. Bengali, Hindi,Bodo, Nepali or Alternative English( i n lieu of M I L)
(iii) Computer Skills/Communication Skills
(iv) Multi-Disciplinary
(v) Envi ron mental Studies
(vi) Skill based Cou rses( for Generali Programmes only)
(vii) Envi ron mental studies are compu lsory for all students appearing 4th Semester
ination and Multi-Disciplinary course is compulsory only for arts students irrespective of genera! and major course.
Subjects for Major:
English. Assamese, Political Science, Sociology, Education, Mathematics, History, Economics
Core subjects:
Economics, Education, Advance Assamese, History, Political Science, Sociology, Mathematics (Students taking Major course may take one of the core subjects besides compulsory subjects).

Non Major Course Core subjects:
Pol itical Science, Sociology, Education, Mathematics, H istory, Economics, Elective Assamese (Students studying Non-Major  course m ust take any two of the non  major  subjects  besides compu lsory subjects).
Degree Course (Science Stream) Compulsory Subjects:

These subjects are the compu lsory subjects for all students of the Semester cou rse.
(ii)Computer Skills
(iv)Skill Based Course ( for non-major cou rse only)
(ii i)Environ mental Studies

Subjects for Major:

Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Combination of Subjects :

Major Course Non- major course combination
Physics Chemistry,Mathematics or Mathema tics, Computer Science
Chemistry Physics,. Mathematics or Mathematics, Computer Science
Mathematics Physics, Chemistry or Physics, Computer Science
Botany Chemistry,Zoology, Bi,otechnofogy
Zoology Chemistry,Botany /    Biotechnology
N.B. There is provision for students of Degree and especially of Chemistry Major for implant training in reputed industry.
Non major course combination along with compulsory subjects:
Non-Major subjects:
Physics,  Mathematics,  Computer  Science,  Chemistry,  Mathematics,  Computer  Science, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Biotech nology
( 1 ) Environmental studies is compulisory for 4th semester
(2) Students can take 'Introd uctory Computer  Science' without  Mathematics as one of the compulsory subjects in combination.
N.B. Based on the Clause No. 10 (g)of the Dibrugarh University Regulation for BA/B.Sc./ B.Com programmes in the semester system, 2010. College may conduct all kinds. of Practical Examinations for the students  prior to the end semester examination.

MA programme under Dibrugarh University:
Assamese, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics & Rural Development.
Program mes under KKHSOU Study Centre:
1 .Bachelor Preparatory programme (BPP)
2.BA/ B.Com. course
3.MA course in English, Social Work, Sociology, Assamese and Political Science.

Short Term Career Oriented Course
1. UGC Career add on Course on Bio-technology (run by Biotech Hub) and  Herba'I Medicine for Semester students (run by Botany department) and Spoken English ( run by Engliish department).
2. Training cum Production on Cutting and Tailoring ( run by Women's Cell)
3. 6 months Certmcate Course on Gandhian Ph Uosophy for semester student( run by Gandhian Study Centre) and 6 months Certificate Course on Ambed kar Philosophy for semester student ( run by Ambedkar Study Centre).
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